Rihanna Mnike UnavailableRihanna Lists Mnike And Unavailable As Her Songs Of The Year [Image: Instagram]

South Africans online are hysteric after global superstar Rihanna listed Mnike and Unavailable as her songs of the year.

The 9-time Grammy-winning singer attended a product event for her brand Fenty’s collaboration with Puma. The two brands recently worked together to release a sneaker range.

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Rihanna Loves Mnike And Unavailable

While on the red carpet, the entertainment network Complex caught up with her for a brief interview. The interviewer asked her which was the best album of the year 2023.

Rihanna then responded, “Album of the year?” to which she sunk deep in thought, trying to find one. She then added:

“Oooh, am I an album girl, or am I a streaming single girl?”

The interviewer then asked her which songs were her best in 2023, and she replied with certainty:

“Unavailable. On repeat. That and Mninker. It’s spelt M-N-I-K-E.”



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Mnike was performed by Tyler ICU and Tumelo.za, featuring DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Tyron Dee and Ceeka RSA. Nigerian maestro Davido sang Unavailable, featuring South African musician Musa Keys.


Mzansi Gleeful Over The Stamp Of Approval

Rihanna Mnike Unavailable
Rihanna Lists Mnike And Unavailable As Her Songs Of The Year [Image: Instagram]


South Africans online are jubilant as Rihanna named Unavailable and Mnike her top 2 songs of 2023.


“That’s it!!! I don’t wanna see a discourse on the TL next week 🫵”


“Damn i like iplan but if my girl says Mnike then it is.


“It’s crazy how life works..🥺🥺 You’ll just be in the studio hoping you cook something worth it and the next thing Rihanna is chewing it perfectly. This is big. God’s timing🙌🏽🙌🏽”

The Instigator:

“If Rihanna says Mnike is Song of The Year, then Mnike is Song of the Year. Case closed!”


“This is just a clear display if we had internet long ago, Americans would have long joined us in the Jungle.”


“Rihanna’s song of the year is Mnike!!!!!! Let’s close the discussion because y’all have no plan (🤭)”

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