Samsung, the South Korean smartphone makers reportedly announced that it will sell about 60 million handsets of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone this year 2017. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the upcoming flagship device likely to launch sometime in the year 2017. Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors, Price, release date, features and specs are officially announced soon. The main goal of this Korean based Company is to make a total of 60 million units of Galaxy S8 into the market. In order to accomplish its goal, the company had requested all of its partner companies to supply all the essential parts of the device to the tech giant’s manufacturing industry.

Earlier, the company released 65 million units of Samsung Galaxy S3 in the year 2012. The South Korean smartphone makers made 70 million units of Galaxy S4 in the year 2013. Later, in the year 2014 and 2015, the company manufactured a total of 45 million units of Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 smartphones into the smartphone market. As per the estimation, the Samsung Galaxy S7 probably makes 48 million units of the handset in the year 2016. Now, the company has made an official announcement that it launches around 60 million units of Samsung Galaxy S8 into the market this year.

Surge in S8 Manufacturing Units Compared to Predecessors:

When compared to the annual shipment figures of various Samsung Galaxy segment devices in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the upcoming Galaxy S8 reportedly manufactures more number of units. In the past 3 years, the company had not produced such a bulk production compared to the current announcement of 60 million units. The company has massive expectations on its upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8 that it could turn out to become the best devices from its Galaxy segment devices.

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Also, there are several rumours and speculations regarding this upcoming flagship device. The device probably sports slew of innovative features. Now, the company has an ambitious goal of making more than 60 million units of Galaxy S8 smartphone for this year. The company could achieve its goal only if it acquires great support from its partners Based on the supply of various parts, the company can bring 60 million units into the market. As per the reports from some anonymous sources, the company commences the production of bulk of Galaxy S8 devices soon in the month of March. As per the expectations, the company receives the electronic parts of this device in the month of February.

Later, the company starts to roll out 5 million units of Galaxy S8 every month. Some of the electronic parts required to begin the production of Galaxy S8 include camera iris scanner module and camera lens. Partron are the manufacturers of iris scanner module and Sekonix Company is the manufacturer of Camera lens. As per the reports, the company might showcase the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone a couple of months in advance of the actual release date. However, there is no official confirmation about Samsung Galaxy S8 price, release date, features and specs of the upcoming flagship device.

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