With news churches flocking faster than you can spell the word ‘church’ so are the self styled pastors and prophets.
Men and women have fallen prey to the power of Satan under the guise of Christianity. New line churches have swept up everyone like a tornado and everyone is claiming to be right with the Lord now. But do they know who they’re really giving their alliances to?

While they’re are genuine ones, we’re also making it our job to weed out the false one so people can protect themselves from being exploited

1) They are self centered. It’s always about them not God. The miracles are performed in the name of God, the prophecies are theirs not God. I’s their church not God. It’s all about them. Satan is all about self glory and self promotion not God.

2) They are centered around money. Money, money, money. Somehow it all end up being about the money. How money is needed, how they have money. How God wants your money to bless you. The ministry is centered on money. Satan is the one who is greedy, have you ever noticed all people who join Satanic churches do it for the money and riches. Beware.

3) They brainwash their followers to an extend that the believers think their pastor or prophets do no wrong. They’re image is that of perfection and righteousness. It’s all about appearances and deceit. The only entity who deals in deceit is Satan.

4) They have a god-like status. They’re the incarnation of God himself. They’re seen as God and they make such claim indirect manner. There is only one person who claims to be God and that is Satan.

5) They distribute holy charms, holy amulets, holy oil, bracelets and what not. The so called holy items have their names written on them. Believers would look out for this depict. They don’t know how these items have been manufactured or supposedly dedicated to ‘GOD’. Ask yourself which God.

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