Many girls don’t even suspect that they are Side chicks. Then there are some of them that know their real role, but agree to continue such unhealthy relationship..

Here are my Top 8 reasons on why girls become Side Chicks..

1. Just To Show It Off: Some girls prefer to be in a relationship just to feel like they belong. Maybe they see their friends in relationships and want a boyfriend of their own. So they agree to become a mistress even if they know that a guy is in serious relationships.They keep the guy around, only to drain some material things from him.

2. Fear Of Loneliness: Many girls can agree for less, just so they would not feel lonely.So to escape it, they will date even a guy with a wife.Actually they can jump at any guy who comes their way.

3.Too Much Attention: It could happen that a girl could love a guy too much to let him go, even if he already has a girlfriend. Such obsession can force her to become a side chick.

4. Pressure: Some families insist that their daughter should bring a man and to get married.So some girls are forced to look for a man anywhere and at any costs.

5.Desire: Some girls become side chicks just for the fun of it.She probably find the idea playing with people’s feelings exciting. Some girls think that it’s cool to sneak around with a guy while he’s already in a relationship.

6.They Like The Attention: Some girls agree to be another chick because they adore being special.If a guy pamper them and makes them feel desired, they don’t care whether he has a girlfriend.

7.She Thinks That She Is Not Good Enough: A guy can tell a girl that she is not good enough to be his girlfriend.But she can be his side chick. The girl then agrees because she thinks that this is an only variant and it starts to think that she is undesirable.

8.Hope: Some girls hope and believe that one day, they would become official girlfriends or even wives. So she will agree to be on the second place, but she will do her best to win his heart permanently, which might leads her in becoming a side chick


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