It never rains but it pours as TB Joshua is quickly learning following the victory of Donald Trump as the American president.

Millions took to exposing and calling him out for the fake prophecy which he ‘predicted’ that Hillary Clinton would become the first American female president.

Not only did this prophecy come not to pass but the Clintons are mollified and they’re asking TB Joshua to return the money which they paid him following his prophecy.

Intel gathered by iMzansi suggests that on the very Sunday TB Joshua made the prophecy, he was contacted by the Clinton administration. They offered him a whooping $5 000 00 as a token of their belief in his word as he is the par-excellence when it comes to accurate prophecies. The prophet was promised a further $5 000 000 should this prophecy come to pass.

TB Joshua’s prophecies turned into dust right in front of our very eyes and the call for reparations from Hillary and her team started coming in.
“They feel duped, if he was doing the Lord’s work he wouldn’t have accepted the money in the first place. So the Clintons want their money back. Hillary personally feels he doesn’t deserve it.” a member of Team Hillary revealed. After all the confidence and the words of strength which Joshua had been offering her it’s all a pile of dust now.

Further investigations by iMzansi reveal that TB Joshua is not financially capable of paying back the money. He claims he used the money to buy building materials for his synagogue church after it collapsed back in 2014.

TB Joshua might find himself in court again as it is reported that Hillary’s legal team is thinking of filing a lawsuit or fraud case against him within the Nigerian legal system.

We at iMzansi are keeping our eyes open for any development to what looks like another case of the decade.

Source: imzansi



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