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Meet the Marriage Savior: Therapist Saves Marriages By Having Tlof Tlof With Her Clients

Olivia Bentley, a therapist with a unique approach to saving marriages, has gained attention for her unconventional methods. Instead of traditional counselling, she takes a hands-on approach by physically engaging with her clients.

Transformative Results

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Olivia claims that her distinct methods have successfully rescued many marriages, which she considers profoundly transformative. She explains,

“I actively participate with the majority of the individuals I work with, and I believe that’s part of the appeal.”

With 15 years of experience in an unconventional profession, Olivia has encountered situations where women have requested her to demonstrate certain acts to their husbands. In some cases, wives even grant their husbands permission to consult with Olivia, akin to a “hall pass” arrangement.

Beyond the Physical

Olivia asserts that she earns a substantial annual income of $500,000 from her services. Importantly, she emphasizes that her work extends beyond the physical aspect. She offers emotional support to her clients and imparts guidance on nurturing a healthy intimate life, thereby fostering stronger marriages.

Recognizing that her approach may make people apprehensive, Olivia takes care to ensure her clients feel comfortable and guides them through the experience. She elaborates,

“People typically feel nervous, so I make it my priority to put them at ease and gently introduce them to the process. I serve as a guide and offer both physical and emotional affection primarily to the wife. When she feels good, the atmosphere is elevated, and everyone benefits from the experience.”

While Olivia may lack formal counselling qualifications, she holds a master’s degree in education and acquired many techniques during her tenure at Nevada’s Moonlite BunnyRanch.

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