The funniest, most interesting, or just plain strange advertisements users have submitted to Gumtree, for your entertainment

You’ve got to give it to us South Africans. Not only are we able to make light of any situation, but we’re pretty damn funny too.

Gumtree selected these gem ads to go in their hall of fame:

Volkswagen Golf for Sale: R20,000


“I have my black VW Golf for sale. Only Rolled once, interior still in very good condition. contact me if interested”
Eastern Pretoria, Pretoria / Tshwane

Help shave my legs


“Urgent! Summer is almost here and my legs are hairy as a monkey’s butt from winter, so I am looking for someone to shave it off for me. It’s going to be hot, and I need to shave off my hair jersey. I will pay well. Please note I have serious hair. Lawnmower-breaking stuff. I absolutely hate shaving my legs, and wax hurts too much (I’ve tried).

1962 International truck-car *Rare Collectors Item*: R10,000


I’ve probably put twice as much into this project as what i’m selling for. I’d like to iterate once more how much of a rarity this vehicle is and how popular it is with attracting babes. Absolute chick magnet.”
Gordon’s Bay, Helderberg

Cecil John Rhodes Statue


“Genuine piece of South African history for your own garden! (Previous owner is trying to erase the past) Statue comes with a free international scholarship which can change your future! Great conversation starter for your next braai.

Source  TheSouthAfrican



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