In a revealing interview radio personality Mo Flava has detailed the trauma he went through after he was robbed of a “life changing amount of money‚” when thugs held up the vehicle carrying close to half a million rand in January.
The money was the profit Mo Flava made from his annual New Year’s Day picnic event.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral, the Metro FM DJ opened up about the tragic incident and how it severely affected him.

“I must say‚ first and foremost‚ it was an oversight on my part in terms of having proper security measures in place‚” he began explaining.

“It was a gig that I hosted at a venue that takes about 3000 people. So there were 3000 people in there. I had made a little investment into the gig with the production‚ the line-up and everything.”

Having admitted that there wasn’t sufficient security to keep a close watch at the event‚ Mo Flava further revealed they overlooked the fact that attendees of the event were required to pay cash at the door‚ before entering.

Therefore‚ they were left to manage and carry copious amounts of hard cash‚ which totalled “close to half a million.”

“As the money was being moved from the venue‚ it turns out that somebody got intel and put out a hit‚” he explained.

As a result of the incident‚ Mo Flava revealed that he suffered depression and locked himself up for two days. “It was the most defeating thing‚” he recalled.

“And that time‚ I’ve had a thriving December‚ thinking I’m on top of the world. And then some a**hole‚ comes and humbles you.

“But in my team’s defence‚ I think we had such a busy December‚ that some things fell through the cracks‚ and that was one of them.”

Despite this setback‚ Mo Flava explained that he wasn’t financially down and out‚ due to having multiple jobs in the industry.

“Fortunately‚ and this is the thing about having more than one job in the industry – is that your revenue stream is quite diverse. We made a small investment and lost a couple of hundreds‚ but things looked good on the gigs side‚ I had a couple of campaigns that were cool‚ I still have my radio salary… I was able to comfortably survive.”

At the moment‚ he said he’s in “good stead” but still regrets what happened because it’s money he would have had – which he had big plans for.

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