A Limpopo man, Mike Mashudu has gone on record to blame funny man Trevor Noah for destroying his marriage.

According to Mashudu, trouble started when his wife of 13 years started watching Trevor Noah’s stand up comedy. Ever since, his wife has had a crush on Trevor.  So strong is the crush that the mother of three spends the day just watching Trevor Noah on DVD. “She even had us get a PVR decoder so she can record him in America where he hosts The Daily Show” the jilted man said.

When iMzansi crew visited the Mashudu homestead, we found Mike’s wife, Joyce, watching and giggling to a clip of Trevor Noah. her kids say. Their eldest son, Luvhundo said he was embarrassed to see his mother acting like a teenager in love. “Even her ringtone is Trevor Noah laughing”, the son said.

Joyce showed us her phone and behold, the wallpaper is non other than Trevor. The mother of three said she can not help it”Trevor is bae” she said. “I fell in love the very first time I saw him before he went to America. I knew he was the one. Sometimes when I am in bed with baba, I pretend he is Trevor”, she said.

Despite all this, Mike said he would stick to his wife and nothing, not even Trevor would stop him from loving her.

Te family refused to have a photo of their family taken, fearing they would be a laughing stock.

Source : iMzansi



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