A truck driver recently lost mables after taking over a truck which had previously been driven by a South African man. Reports suggest that Malcom started undressing and screaming obscenities in a truck stop after he was told not to take over Madala’s truck who had been fired.

It is alleged that Madala Zulu was fired after 21 years of service due to fuel theft. Before he left the truck yard, Madala Zulu is said to have sworn that no one will ever drive his truck again. He had driven the said truck for over 7 years. The employers did not his threat seriously and quickly employed Malcom, a Zimbabwean national to take over the truck.


However, all hell broke lose when Malcom left the yard with the truck as it is claimed he suddenly stopped the truck and started undressing while screaming obscenities in Zulu. This shocked other drivers since Malcom did not speak Zulu.

‘We told Malcom not to take madala’s truck’ one driver reported. ‘Everyone knew madala was into black magic and he did something on the truck. They must just give his old job back. He was the hardest worker here’

The employers eventually listened and phoned madala Zulu to ask him what they should do to stop Malcom from going banana’s and madala Zulu instructed them to go park the truck at its usual parking spot. When they did this, Malcom came back to his senses.

It was not known what would happen to the truck but one insider claims the owners are thinking of selling it because they believe Zulu is trying to hold them at ransom.

‘They will not hire hiim back’ he said. ‘If they do, they will be setting a bad example. Everyone will want to know what muthi Zulu used’

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