MADLANDUNA, the powerful inyanga, went into the bush to fight the zombie and save the woman from evil.

But the nyanga had to give up the battle and admit defeat.


Brenda Zono (28) died when she was run over by a bakkie in Chatty in Port Elizabeth on 18 January and was buried in Adelaide shortly afterwards.

But even before the funeral, it was claimed she had appeared to the family and neighbours.

Her aunt, Zoleka Zono (41), told Daily Sun: “I dreamt I saw her crying. She said she felt as if she had wires in her mouth. She said I must ask a person who is not a relative to remove them because if I came closer, I would be hurt.”

Zoleka said kids from the neighbourhood claimed they saw Brenda sitting in a drain while they were mourning.

“Other neighbours claimed they saw her standing outside a house singing and dancing, because she was a church member.”

Bulelwa Zono (44) claims her niece calls on a teenage relative at night and moves around the house.

“I’ve left food in the teenager’s room and the food disappears,” she claimed.

She alleged they even chased her but she covered her face and ran away.

But what happened on Sunday left the family shocked and scared.

They had called a powerful inyanga, Delani “Madlanduna” Luthuli (39) to help them get rid of what they believed was a zombie.

“With the help of Madlanduna we found her in the bush,” claimed Zoleka.

“She was wearing her red top and brown dress as well as a straw hat we had never seen. I told her we had come to fetch her as she had asked in our dreams, and her three-year-old daughter needed her.”

Madlanduna said he crawled towards Brenda because she moved backwards if he walked upright.

“I dived on top of her with my bag containing my snake, Bathathe, on my shoulder,” he said.

But then his helpers let him down.

“I told them to open the bag and let Bathathe out to wrap himself around her but they ran away. I let Brenda go because she wanted my bag with the snake,” he said.

“She could not have defeated me if my bag was open.”

Zoleka said after Brenda ran away, Madlanduna fell to the ground.

“He asked us to open his bag and he spat on his snake and recovered. But when he stood up he looked dizzy,” she said.

She said they found pap and a bottle of dirty water at the scene.

Mandlanduna said he will get some assistants from KZN because he needs people who won’t run away.

Source : DailySun


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