The dust is yet to settle in the ugly battle between Uyanda Mbuli and ex-husband Sisa.

The couple’s divorce was finalised in February 2015.

Sisa shares the house with the couple’s underage son while Uyanda now lives in Sandhurst, Sandton.

She appointed agents to put the house under the hammer last October and last month Sisa successfully stopped her through an order from the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

“My home and primary residence is due to be sold against my will and without my consent,” Sisa stated in applying for an interdict.

He claimed that his ex-wife frustrated a process they agreed to, which was meant to see him eventually buy her half of the property.

The high court ordered that the auction, planned to take place at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg, be stopped with less than a week to go.

Sisa submitted that he needed to compel Uyanda to sign the necessary documentation to transfer the property to him and that Uyanda had “blatantly refused to cooperate” with his conveyancers.

He argued that she did not have the right to sell the house without his consent.

In a statement, Uyanda said: “I still find it both disturbing and puzzling that you [the media] would report on the same divorce matter for six years, regardless of the legal restrictions which protect minor children in such matters.

“Be that as it may, the house in question is co-owned by myself and Sisa Mbuli, who still lives in the property years post our divorce.

“At some point I will have to take my rightful 50% portion of the house and that is the basis of this court matter, which is still not final as you will note: Point 4 of the court order is pending the finalisation of the main application. The order is currently not final because the house is still owned by two parties who are divorced.”

Sisa refused to comment.

Source : Sowetan


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