Brickz Prison ChoirBrickz Singing With The Prison Choir [Image: News24]

A video of jailed Kwaito star Brickz singing with the prison choir at a church in Johannesburg has stirred a rave online.

Brickz, born Sipho Ndlovu, had his life take a whole new turn years ago.


The 2017 Conviction

In 2017, the Kwaito star faced a life-altering legal battle. He was found guilty of raping a 17-year-old relative in 2013, an incident that would forever change the trajectory of his life.

The court proceedings revealed harrowing details: the victim testified that she was bleeding after the assault, her hymen broken, as she was a virgin at the time. The pain she endured was severe. Brickz, in a chilling act, threatened to kill her if she spoke about the incident. To compound her suffering, she was unaware that she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.


Brickz Prison Choir
Brickz Singing With The Prison Choir [Image: Quick Read Magazine]


Despite the defence’s plea for leniency, Magistrate Baloyi handed down a 15-year prison sentence. Brickz, wearing grey pants, a white shirt, and a blue jersey, maintained his innocence throughout the trial, repeatedly asserting that “the truth will come out.” However, the court emphasised its duty to protect women’s freedom and held him accountable for his actions.

Brickz will be eligible for parole consideration after serving half of his sentence.

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Life Behind Bars: Brickz Singing with The Prison Choir

Behind bars, Brickz’s life has drastically changed for the better. Last year, pictures of him at the Leeuwkop Maximum facility circulated online in which he was speaking at a prison event. He looked bulkier than when he was free.

He has even turned to gospel music, the genre he began with at the dawn of his career.

A video is circulating online in which Brickz sang with the prison choir at Leeuwkop. He led the song as they serenaded congregants at the Grace Point church in Fourways, Johannesburg. Watch the video below:


Social media users were impressed by Brickz singing in the prison choir.


“Now he’s a change, man.”


“He can sing shame yena.”


“Soon, he will be the pastor or parliamentarian member of the Patriotic Alliance party.”


“He’s still serving his time, but he seems to be doing well in working for his parole release.”

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