Gomora's "Gugu" Actor Velile Makhoba Shows Off Her Boyfriend[Images: Instagram/Velile Makhoba]

Gomora’s “Gugu” Actor Velile Makhoba Shows Off Her Boyfriend


Velile Makhoba, better known as Gugu on Gomora, revealed who many assumed to be her boyfriend and sparked dating rumours. She hasn’t been associated with romantic relationships since she was thrust into the spotlight, but her most recent Tik Tok generated a lot of discussions.

Since Velile is a proud Zulu woman, she is well known for being very aware of her culture and Zulu tradition. She frequently performs traditional dances wherever she goes, and Mzansi hasn’t gotten used to it.

However, in her most recent video, she was accompanied by a man dressed similarly to her.

The mysterious man and Velile wore matching outfits and were accessorized with beads to complete their ensembles. Everything about them, from how they looked to how they moved in rhythm, appeared perfectly coordinated.

Fans are confident that the man she did not name is her boyfriend because Velile is on the side and is grinning the widest in the video.

Velile Makhoba
Velile Makhoba – Image Credit: Instagram/Velile Makhoba


Fans commented on how happy and at ease she appeared in front of the guy in her comment section, and they even started referring to the man as “mkhwenyana,” which is IsiZulu for “husband.” Fans of the celebrity are undoubtedly happy for her, but she hasn’t confirmed if he is, in fact, her boyfriend, even though many have already come to that conclusion.

Dancer and choreographer Velile is well-known for her inventive steps. She primarily received training at the Phakama Dance Academy and Ekhaya Multi Art Center. Velile, in contrast to many beginning actors, possesses a talent outside of acting that benefits her.

She recently left the hit soapie Gomora on Mzansi Magic, where she gained popularity. Velile made entertaining and impressive dancing videos on Gomora in her spare time. Velile will use her extra time to enhance her other professional talents, but she remains one of Mzansi’s favourite actresses.


Watch Gugu “Velile Makhoba” from Gomora show off her boyfriend below:


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