Watch: Shona Ferguson Humiliates His Wife Connie

Watch: Shona Ferguson Humiliates His Wife Connie

Watch: Shona Ferguson Humiliates His Wife Connie

Recently, Shona Ferguson took to Instagram mocking his wife, Connie’s taste in snacks.

We’ve always thought Shona and Connie were couple goals, from their gushing posts about each other to their rock-solid marriage, we thought the two were in sync on everything.

Shona decided to have a walk around and show what everyone really has for breakfast in the Ferguson household and judging from the video, he is the only one eating healthy in the morning.

One would wonder if Connie Ferguson does not have heartburn judging by her choice of morning delicacy, as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day,

Two of the house occupants including Shona Ferguson’s daughter are also seen enjoying themselves on some Sushi delight.


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This house is a mess 🤣🤣 @ali.ferguson_ @sediimatsunyane @astoshiah @connie_ferguson

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This year, some details emerged on how Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson their employees at Ferguson Films emerged. Also, it was shockingly revealed how they hire and fire employees.

Shona Ferguson recently took to Instagram to drop a motivational message for his followers. In the post, he encouraged his followers to use the power of the universe to achieve their goals. The image showed Shona’s hand reaching out into the sunlight, whilst also making to show off his Bomberg Men’s Bolt 68 45mm watch which retails at approximately R10 000.

“I reached for it in my dreams… I caught it in reality. #FAITHoverFEAR.” – read thew simple caption. Fellow thespian Winnie Ntshaba agreed wholeheartedly with his message and added her own philosophy: “That’s where it starts my brother…. I always say, you can’t feature in a future you didn’t picture!!!”.

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