South African Teacher Reveals How She Was Assaulted in ChinaSouth African Teacher Reveals How She Was Assaulted in China (Image Credit: TimesLive)

 A South African kindergarten teacher has become the centre of attention due to a shocking incident in China where she was physically assaulted.

Nolusindiso Hleko, who was teaching English in Shanghai, China was left nursing a black eye after the human resources manager at the school where she worked punched her in the face.

South African Teacher Reveals How She Was Assaulted in China

Hleko chose to share her harrowing ordeal in China on her YouTube video. In the video, Nolusindiso Hleko can be seen sporting a black eye as a result of the abuse she faced at the hands of her HR manager.

She recounted how she fled the school without her phone, possessions, and shoes after a dispute with the HR manager escalated into violence.

Hleko managed to escape and found help from a Chinese woman who called the police.

South African Teacher Reveals How She Was Assaulted in China
South African Teacher Reveals How She Was Assaulted in China (Image Credit: The South African)

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Denial and Settlement

Hleko claims that none of her fellow teachers came to her aid during the incident. However, when they arrived at the police station, the school claimed there was no CCTV footage of the altercation, and the HR manager denied hitting her, attributing her injury to accidentally hitting her eye on a couch.

In a state of vulnerability and with her visa expiring soon, Hleko reluctantly settled for compensation.

Speaking Out Against Employer Mistreatment

Hleko highlighted the challenges many foreign teachers face while working abroad on her YouTube channel.

She expressed feeling powerless and revealed that she had received threats, including being told she would never teach in the country again.

They told me that if I talk to anybody or go to the media about the situation that they would sue me or that I would have to go to jail and get deported.”

“They also threatened to put me on some teacher’s blacklist in China so that I would never get a job in China,” she revealed.

According to the Department of International Relations, Nolusindiso Hleko is currently safe in Germany and is in contact with the South African ambassador for support.

Watch the video below;

Mzansi Reacts as Nolusindiso Hleko Reveals How She Was Assaulted in China

The incident has elicited a range of emotions among South Africans. Many social media users expressed their concern and empathy, while some called for justice from the South African community.

Check out some of the reactions;


It’s painful to see one of our own suffers like that. I hope she will be fine after this


This is one of many abuses,justice must be done.

Very sad.


I hope she gets justice. This is so wrong on so many levels


Chinese are evil and racist in nature, they hate Africans.

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