Why Babes Wodumo Said Yes To Mampintsha

Why Babes Wodumo Said Yes To Mampintsha

Why Babes Wodumo Said Yes To Mampintsha

A few days ago, Babes Wodumo made headlines after saying yes to longtime boyfriend Mampintsha. For years, the couple had its ups and downs and they sometimes grabbed headlines for domestic violence.

Like other talented artists who suffered abuse, for example, the late Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, Babes  Wodumo might have low self-esteem. Just like other women who have suffered abuse, she doesn’t realize how powerful she is without him.

It appears, getting married is always the next step of an abuser. After luring you, seduce you, trap you, and exclude you from your friends and your family before beating you up to a pulp, sometimes to death.

It happened with Tina Turner who, fortunately, eventually escaped from the hands of Ike Turner. The abuser always plays games, always has the upper hand, and always knows something that you don’t; that you’re bigger than them.

Because of insecurity, they don’t want you alone, they don’t want to give you a chance to think about leaving them or think about yourself without them.

Mampitsha’s proposal might be a trap. Babes Wodumo has lost a lot of weight lately and I hope whatever made her lose that weight has nothing to do with Mampintsha.

With the traits of an abuser I have mentioned above, Babes Wodumo had no choice but to agree to be his wife because she chose him over herself, her fans, her family, and her friends.

Nevertheless, I congratulate the couple, I wish the newly engaged couple well and keeping my fingers crossed that they would not grab headlines on domestic violence as we had already known them from the past.

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