Why Generations: The Legacy Has Fallen From Grace

Why Generations The Legacy Has Fallen From Grace

Why Generations: The Legacy Has Fallen From Grace

Generations, The Legacy is one of those soapies which had a huge number of viewers, however, with time, it seems like Generations The legacy has fallen from grace. There are two reasons which have led to the fall of Generations: The Legacy and the first one is repetitive storylines.

Jack Mabaso has been on a winning streak since joining the show in the ’90s. Jack sometimes switches his hand gloves; he broke his bones on one of his hands and it hasn’t functioned since.

They are repeating the Vutha/Covid-19 storyline right now which happened 3 or 5 years ago for the first time. Palesa and Cosmo have some virus right now and it’s up to Dr. Sphesihle Moroka to solve the mystery as usual.

Because he is unhappy in his relationship, several times, Mazwi Moroka has cheated on Sphesihle. They’re not a great match, never have been. It was actually refreshing to see Mazwi with Fikile because that’s what characters in a show are supposed to do.

Exited cast members also contributed to the fall from grace of generations The legacy. This was the worst time for the show to fire any actor as 3 main-male-actors have resigned from the show; Vuyo Dabula who plays Gaddafi, Rapulana Seiphemo who played Tau Mogale, and Smanga Moroka.

It came as a surprise to find out that Mfundi Vundla fired Zoey Mthiyane. She’s a fan-favorite and highly talented actress who apparently has a mental illness and drinking problems; they’ve could’ve given her some written warning and fired her later on not now.

But Mfundi Vundla is apparently ruthless; remember when he fired 16 actors because they demanded salary increases?

And why bring back actors that nobody cares about? Palesa had her moment but her character doesn’t make a difference. Now we are supposed to believe that she’s a gangster and not soft-spoken and a churchy girl anymore?

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