Chaos erupted in Mlangeni, Eastern Cape, when a resident witch hunter busted an alleged witch and a fresh corpse was discovered inside her home.
The body is believed to be the one of Sinazo Mthethwa (32) who died under mysterious circumstances after a very short illness.

So strange was the nature of her death that concerned family members went to consult with a sangoma who told them their beloved had not only died but she was dug up and taken by the persons responsible for her death. To prove that the information they got was right they went to the grave site and exhumed the body only to find an empty coffin.

Further investigations revealed that her uncle and his wife were responsible for killing her.

They did this in a bid to strengthen their wealth and boost their business interests. This was all done under the advice of an unnamed ritualist known to give people the secrets to wealth.

The couple were told to dig up the body after a few days and let it stay inside their house to bring the spirit of the dead in their house. Afterwards they would cut some body parts used for the ritual.

“Unfortunately we can’t arrest them on the grounds of witchcraft as it can not be proven in the court of law. But we are charging them with violation of a grave and a corpse” the leading prosecutor Mr Patrick Buthelezi said.

Family members have refused to comment preferring to handle the situation privately as they are still in shock about all that transpired. They requested the public respect their need to grieve for their beloved again for the second time.

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