She’s young, hot, talented, bald and beautiful! What’s not to love about Mzansi ‘IT’ Girl and the #QueenOfFleekism Ntando Duma? The Rhythm City star spoke us during our fashion shoot with her earlier today and you’ll never guess what she shared about herself. Allow Mzansi’s rising star to shine her light and lead you into her never-a-dull-moment world.

1.”I eat everything – I’m not fussy or choosy.”

2. “I have 3 siblings and I am the last born”.

3. “I don’t have a twin. My sister is older than me. She turned 23 on the 20th of May 2016 and I’m turning 21 on the 29th of August 2016.”

4. “I’m obsessed with my work. I’m really good at it and I learn from the people I work with.”

5. “I don’t have friends in the industry.”

6. “I’ve got the ugliest toes, feet and fingers.”

7. “I’ believe that I’ve got the most beautiful eyes in the world.”

8. “I love handbags and shoes. I feel most comfortable in sneakers.”

9. “Black is my favourite colour.”

10. “I eat a lot and don’t gain weight.”

11. “I consider Thembi Seete as my mentor and older sister. She gives the best advice ever. iInk yakho ne ncwadi yakho zingaphela ngo buhle engabusho ngo Sis Thembi.”

12. “Hlubi Mboya is my other older sister in the industry. She helps me a lot!”

13. “I’m not a girly girl!”

Duma NtandoLadies and gents, the #QueenOfFleekism has spoken! Keep up with her on social media.



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