His name  is Johnson Mashigo, but many call him “John Cena” after the famous WWE star. This is because he always acts tough and believes he is unbeatable.

According to relatives, John Cena has a thing for beating people, including his own family. And now John Cena is on the run and cops are looking for him.

This is after his girlfriend, Elizabeth Koue (45) was found dead in his shack in Phiri, Soweto a week ago. Elizabeth’s niece Dipuo Kekae (40) claimed it was common knowledge that Johnson allegedly beat her aunt, especially when she got paid.

“He used to demand money and when she refused he would beat her up,” claimed Dipuo. “She would stay with us for a few days but go back to him again. This time we suspect he was drunk and demanded money from Elizabeth as usual. When she refused he beat and stabbed her. She had bruises on her back and several stab wounds on her upper body.”

Dipuo described Johnson as a jealous and abusive boyfriend. “He was aggressive towards my aunt. Last year he beat and stabbed her in the head. We thought she would finally call it quits. “I wish she had left him that time. Maybe she would still be alive today.”

Moroka police’s Constable John Serala said a murder case was opened. “The suspect is on the run. Police are appealing to anyone with information on his whereabouts to assist them,” he said.

Source : DailySun


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