May 19, 2024

Doja Cat’s Bold Statement: Referring to Father Dumisani Dlamini as a ‘Deadbeat’

Doja Cat Labels Father Dumisani Dlamini a ‘Deadbeat’

Doja Cat, the acclaimed American rapper, has publicly referred to her father, South African actor Dumisani Dlamini, as a ‘deadbeat’ in her updated bio.

The statement, shared with her 5.6 million followers, sparked attention and discussion, particularly among her father’s home country audience.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Doja Cat updated her bio and stated that her father is a deadbeat.

my dads a deadbeat but I did well,” it read.

The Absent Father: Doja Cat Opens Up About Nonexistent Relationship with South African Actor

In a 2019 interview on the ‘Quicksilver Show’ with Leah Henry, Doja Cat revealed that she has never met her father and lacks any form of relationship with him. Her honest disclosure shed light on the absence of a paternal connection in her life.

A viral video from the following year captured a moment between Doja Cat and actress Whoopi Goldberg, who mentioned having met Dlamini during their film collaboration in ‘Sarafina.’ Surprisingly, Doja Cat clarified that she herself had never met her father, contradicting Goldberg’s statement.

Social Media Backlash: Dumisani Dlamini Accused of Exploiting Doja Cat’s Name

Dlamini has faced accusations of leveraging his daughter’s name for social media attention. He has been observed using the moniker “Doja Cat’s father” to promote his own events, leading to criticism for exploiting their disconnected relationship.

Amidst these circumstances, Doja Cat celebrated a significant milestone when she won her first Grammy at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in Las Vegas during 2022. While Dlamini expressed pride in his “child’s” achievement, social media users were quick to call him out for attempting to bask in his daughter’s success despite their lack of a relationship.

A Father’s Search Denied: Dumisani Dlamini Claims Efforts to Reconnect with Doja Cat Thwarted

Dlamini, in his defense, participated in an interview on Metro FM with Mo Flava, where he claimed to have been actively searching for his daughter.

However, he alleged that her management team had prevented him from establishing a connection with her, adding another layer of complexity to their strained relationship.

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