It’s quite shocking what you could find on the internet this days. With the illuminati spotlight focused on celebrities overseas out own African celebs are no exception to the rule. Here is a list of celebs who’s actions have left us in no doubt that they’re part of the illuminati.

  1. Wizkid



Illuminati made it possible for him to get a deal with Akon’s Konvict music label.

2. Campmulla


Camp Mulla Sold their souls to the devil for fame

3. P.square




P Square Sacrificed their mother for many more money and fame. Their hit video of the song Alingo loaded with illuminati symbols and connotations.

4. T. B Joshua


Even a man of God is not left out T.B Joshua is also a member of this exclusive group Illuminati.

5. Cabo Snoop


Used to popularise the illuminati dance steps

6. Asamoah Gyan


Illuminati paid him to miss penalties, following the penalty miss at South Africa 2010 during world cup quarter final.
7. D’banj


So called godfather of Illuminati in Africa, and leader of the Illuminati order in Nigeria.

8. Teargas-South Africa



Leader of the elite Illuminati in South Africa

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