Mpumalanga – Members of the public,the SAPS and the relatives of the three brothers who lost their lives to a crocodile in The Komati River near Breyten in the Ermelo district of the Mpumalanga province are appealing to anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of the survivors,who are accused of deliberately provoking the dangerous reptile,resulting in the gruesome death of three family members in cold blood,iMzansi has learnt.

According to one of the villagers who commented on condition of anonymity, a group of boys in the village were in the habit of ‘playing’ with the dangerous reptiles ,thereby getting used to them.

All hell broke loose when one of the boys identified in the video secretly produced a sharp object which looked like an Okapi knife,and stabbed the crocodile on its lower and soft part,the abdomen,forcing it to immediately ‘forget’ the ‘friendship’ it had with the boys and fought back in defence,killing three people in the process.

According to a 3 minute disturbing footage recorded by a Samsung gadget,which is in the possession of Mpumalanga police as well as Livemonitor,a mischievous teenager is clearly seen ‘provoking’ the once ‘friendly’ reptile and then quickly swims away,leaving others ‘in hot soup’.In just less than a minute,the part of the river was partly covered in blood.

The deceased are expected to be buried this week whilst the survivors are still on the run.SAPS could not publish an official statement as the investigations are still ongoing.They only urged members of the public to desist from playing with wild animals and reptiles.

Source : iMzansi


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