90 Students Hospitalized After Eating 'Space Cookies' 90 Students Hospitalized After Eating 'Space Cookies' (Image Credit: HOJ)

90 Students Hospitalized After Consuming Marijuana-Laced “Space Cookies”

In a shocking incident, a total of 90 students from Grades R to 7 were hospitalized after consuming “space cookies.”

The students reportedly ate space cookies a type of biscuit laced with marijuana unaware.  The incident took place at Pulamadibogo Primary School in Soshanguve, Gauteng.

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Students hospitalized after consuming space cookies
Students hospitalized after consuming space cookies (Image Credit: Plantin)

Students hospitalized after consuming space cookies

According to News24, the students bought the “Marijuana-laced cookies” from a street trader who sells food outside the premises.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) reported that the affected pupils began experiencing symptoms such as nausea, stomach pains, and vomiting shortly after consuming the questionable cookies.

Swift action was taken as educators observed unusual behaviour among the students and immediately called emergency services.

According to information at our disposal, approximately 90 learners from Grade R – 7 consumed what looked like muffins, suspected to be laced with dagga (space cookies), which they bought from a street vendor on their way to school. Educators witnessed strange behaviour from the learners in class and immediately called emergency services,” the Gauteng Department of Education revealed.

All 90 students were promptly attended to on the school premises before being transported to various medical facilities for further evaluation.

“All 90 affected learners were attended to by emergency services on school premises. However, they were all subsequently rushed to different medical facilities where their condition will be monitored,” added the Gauteng Department of Education 

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Police Identify Street Vendor Responsible

In response to the incident, local law enforcement authorities visited the school to initiate an investigation into the matter. Subsequently, they identified the street vendor who sold the “marijuana-laced Cookies” to the students. The police are now proceeding with their inquiry to ascertain the source of these cannabis-infused biscuits and any potential criminal wrongdoing associated with their distribution.

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