Queen B and AKA never fail at keeping their fans updated about their relationship.

These two made twitter buzz yesterday when Bonang said that AKA is her favourite human ever!

AKA showed his sweet and gentle side and replied “I love you.”

It was refreshing to hear the ever so controversial rapper say something sweet.

Here are the Tweets, but that’s not all!
If its not these two tweeting about their love for each other. It’s DJ Zinhle living it up as much as they are.
Now all three of them (AKA, his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend) are on in Mauritius at the same time!
We really hope people from Mauritius don’t see any drama that we are used to  here in Mzanzi.

If you were wondering why they are all in Mauritius – AKA and Zinhle are some of the celebs who’ll be taking the Hunters Party in Paradise to the next level.

And Bonang is tagging along with her babe, obviously.

Source : Daily Sun


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