Dj Zinhle has shocked many of her followers on Twitter after publicly defending Bonang, the woman who stole her baby daddy, AKA from right under her nose.

While DJ Zinhle, born Ntombezinhle Jiyane once made a lot of noise and EXPOSED Bonang for snatching her man, it seems she is now mature and no longer bears grudges against Queen Bee as Bonang is known by her multitude of fans.

The charismatic DJ defended Bonang on instagram when her fan posted a not so flattering photograph of Bonang before fame and money. The picture was accompanied by a caption mocking and belittling her, tagged were Dj Zinhle and Perl Thusi thought to be Zinhle’s ally.

But lo and behold, Dj Zinhle chided her follower by commenting, “she is still beautiful.”

Below is a screenshot of the incident.

bonang before money



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