Poor Amanda Cele, Mzansi ‘s first woman to admit on Live television that she was a blessee is completely devastated after her blesser of nearly two years dropped her without any warning. Livemonitor has the EXCLUSIVE details on how it happened.

Amanda, is in total shock after her blesser, dropped her and has no plans to take her back.Details are still sketchy of what truly transpired but our mole revealed to us that it all started after the unidentified blesser discovered Amanda in the arms another top boss who works at Eskom.

A confrontation is said to have taken place with the two men ending up exchanging blows and both walking away from the two timing gold digger.She has since been ordered to vacate the Sandton Home she was living in and also surrender the cars and the bank cards.

Our source who spoke to us on condition of annonymity revealed how Amanda was so devasted and dreading the thought of going back to the townships where she grew up.Efforts to get her man back seem to have hit a brick wall as the ‘Blesser’ was not taking kindly to her cheating shenanigans.

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