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It seems like Anele Zondo is back on the market, reportedly ending her year-long relationship with businessman Lebo Gunguluza. Rumours circulate regarding the reasons behind their split, with sources hinting at financial constraints affecting their relationship.

Lebo Gunguluza who is a businessman is said to have run out of money to spoil the rapper. According to rumours, that is why Anele Zondo has called it quits after a year of dating.

The Alleged Breakup

Reports suggest that Anele Zondo and Lebo Gunguluza have amicably parted ways after a year of dating. The celebrity duo, once inseparable and globetrotting, now finds themselves at the end of their romantic journey.

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Background of the Relationship

Anele Zondo relationship
Anele Zondo and Lebo Gunguluza-Image Source@X

Sources close to the former couple revealed that their romance blossomed shortly after Lebo Gunguluza’s divorce from ‘The Real Housewives of Johannesburg’ star Lebo Mokoena. Anele and Gunguluza were said to be deeply in love, sharing adventures and exploring different parts of the world together.

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The Denial

Contrary to the breakup rumours, Anele Zondo denies being romantically involved with Lebo Gunguluza. In a statement, she clarified that they were close friends who enjoyed each other’s company during vacations and outings. Anele emphasized that their connection was based on Gunguluza’s friendship with her unnamed ex-boyfriend.

The Ingwe hitmaker has managed to keep her love life private but does not hesitate to show off her extra lavish lifestyle.

Financial Strain as a Factor

Friends close to the celebrities indicated that financial constraints played a role in their decision to part ways. Allegedly, Lebo Gunguluza could no longer maintain the lifestyle that initially impressed Anele Zondo. This shift in financial dynamics became a significant factor in the breakup.

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