Bargeoise Brazil Plastic SurgeryBargeoise Brazil To File Scathing Lawsuit Over A Botched Plastic Surgery [Image: @bargeoise.brazil/Instagram/Zimoja]

Influencer Bargeoise Brazil is suing three surgeons who botched her plastic surgery and made her look like a zombie.


Bargeoise Brazil Threatens Lawsuits Over Botched Plastic Surgery

Bargeoise Brazil, born from Ennie Tembie Tshabalala, recently approached a plastic surgeon to get a job on her nose and eyes. What came out of that was a horror make-up show.

Bargeoise vented on Instagram, threatening lawsuits:

“The slice and diced nose by your very calculating SA surgeon, Dr Brian Monaisa, Plastic Surgeon. I have been hiding for over a year now. I need plastered make-up to hide this hideous thing. From stomach to cheekbones and eyelids. Promises and lies from one creature.

“Most of these surgeons lie and have rude tendencies due to failure to launch and never own up to their botchery 💩. It starts with me. I am coming for you all. Early retirement knocking at ze door. Time to face your botchery music.”

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The Face-Lift That Never Was

Bargeoise Brazil Plastic Surgery
Bargeoise Brazil To File Scathing Lawsuit Over A Botched Plastic Surgery [Image: @bargeoise.brazil/Instagram]


Bargeoise told Zimoja of the plastic surgery she wanted and paid R180 000 for, and the horror she got instead:

“I asked for a simple Barbie nose with a high bridge and very small nostrils, cat eyes, cheekbones – all very showy of a plastic look that I live for. All I ever wanted was a rare plastic look and a non-African-looking nose. We have plenty of those breathing and sniffing around us. He slit my upper eyelids for a cat-eye look, and I still look the same.

“The only eye illusion I have is via my eye pencils. Besides, I’ve always had intriguing eyes. He liposuctioned my stomach for fat to inject into my cheeks for a visible plastic look and failed. He forgot that fat settles and also fades, so you need to put more (Duh!). My tummy is left unequalled.”

To date, Bargeoise Brazil has had ten plastic surgeries, including two-boob jobs, two nose jobs, an eyelids lift, fat transfer to her cheeks from stomach liposuction, multiple lip injections, a tummy tuck and fat injections on her nyash.

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