Fans defend DJ ZinhleFans defend DJ Zinhle (image credit: Instagram @djzinhle)

South African businesswoman DJ Zinhle recently found herself at the mercy of social media trolls after a video clip of her crying whilst talking about her late ex-boyfriend, AKA, emerged on social media.

DJ Zinhle broke down in tears during her reality show, DJ Zinhle – The Unexpected. The video clip from the reality show has sparked a wave of criticism from trolls and some defence from her devoted fans.

Fans Defend Dj Zinhle After She Is Accused of Crying Over Her Baby Daddy AKA
Fans Defend Dj Zinhle After She Is Accused of Crying Over Her Baby Daddy AKA (Image Credit: TimesLive)

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DJ Zinhle Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About Her Baby Daddy AKA

In a video shared on X, formerly Twitter, Dj Zinhle can seen crying while talking about AKA and how their daughter Kairo is struggling to come to terms with his tragic death.

Watch the video below;

After the video was shared on X, critics started dragging Dj Zinhle accusing her of crying over AKA. Critics slammed her, saying that she was disrespecting her current husband, Murdah Bongz.

One social media user had this to say;

Crying for ex ekubeni edliwa enyindoda udoti lowo. It’s not as if she was dating AKA at the time of death. Move on athini umntwana wakhe athini yena engakwazi to move on. AKA girl friend uyatwega ngoku.

However, Dj Zinhle’s fans swiftly came to her defence, rallying behind her. They argued that her tears weren’t necessarily for AKA, but rather for the pain her daughter was experiencing after her father’s tragic death.

Check out some of the reactions;


I think that this 60% fatherlessness is really starting to manifest because how is it that a lot of people don’t understand that she’s not crying for AKA. She’s crying for the pain her child is going through 💔💔💔💔


Even if she was crying for him. Loss is loss. He was a part of her life in whatever form as they evolved as people they could not escape that they had to do life together because they were joined by their daughter. Grief is not linear just as life is not. Let her be.


And There’s No Problem About Her Crying For Him, They Have A Child Together, Once Your A Parent Your Child’s Pain Is Your Pain.


She’s crying for the pain her daughter is going through. She said her daughter is struggling


If u watch her shows uZinhle is a cry baby it’s not necessarily ukhalela ukienan abeg.Zinhle will cry for anything and everything

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