“Bheki Cele Inspired Me” – Seputla Sebogodi Speaks On Playing Corrupt Cop In BET Drama “Redemption”

Bheki Cele x Seputla Sebogodi (Image Credit: Daily Maverick/BET Video Screenshot)

“Bheki Cele Inspired Me” – Seputla Sebogodi Speaks On Playing Corrupt Cop In BET Drama “Redemption”


Veteran actor Seputla Sebogodi has revealed how he was inspired by South Africa’s Minister of Police to play a corrupt police officer in BET’s new drama series Redemption.

Redemption premiered on DStv’s BET channel on 26 September 2022. The drama series is expected to be re-aired later in the year on South Africa’s free-to-air TV channel etv. New episodes air from Mondays to Thursdays on BET Africa channel 129.



The series stars a host of veteran South African actors and actresses such as Themba Ndaba, Pearl Modiade, Sparky Xulu, Tina Jaxa, Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Yonda Thomas, Kwanele Mthethwa and Seputla Sebogodi as the corrupt police officer, Captain Mthethwa.

The drama series also features newcomers Nkome Mamejta and Toka Mtabane amongst others.

Seputla Sebogodi as Captain Mthethwa in Redemption (Image Credit: BET Video Screenshot)



Speaking on his portrayal of Captain Mthethwa in Redemption, Seputla Sebogodi said when he read the script it resonated with him because he is used to playing the villain.

He said:

When I read the script at first. I’m always used to playing a villain.


Seputla Sebogodi said Bheki Cele inspired his wardrobe for his character as Captain Mthethwa on BET’s Redemption. He made a disclaimer that he was not implying South Africa’s Minister of Police was corrupt like his character in the drama series.

Seputla Sebogodi said:

You know in acting they say…Someone used to say you need to have a wardrobe where you go and fetch these characters, and this one I’ve got to confess, Bheki Cele. I’m not saying he is corrupt.

You can watch Seputla Sebogodi unpack his character on Redemption below:

The new BET drama series is set in a mega church and centres on the Zikode family. After the disappearance of Pastor Simon Zikode who is portrayed by Themba Ndaba, his daughter Faith, portrayed by Kwanele Mthethwa, leaves her music career and comes to her family’s rescue.

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