From time immemorial the use of charms, voodoos and sacrifices etc. for money-making has been with us, especially in Africa.

Although there are many money rituals that usually result in instant death of the victim, there also the less suspicious ones that doesn’t ki_ll the victim immediately and she might not even realize until later that she has been used for money ritual.

A lot of people tend to believe that, it is only older men who are involved in this act, but this is far from the truth, as many young guys have now join the band wagon of money ritualists. No thanks to the materialistic society we now live in.

It is alarming, the way young guys between the ages of 18 and 35 are now neck deep in this evil practice of money making rituals.

1. The very common type is the one that involves bonking. The man would willingly pay huge sum of money, which the woman would find outrageous after the bonking but would desist from the use of any form of protection. The man knowing what he stands to gain from it would lie to the girl, who is ignorant of the real intention of the man, that he is in love with her and would like to be with her without any form of protection, and after the act, he would by himself clean the girl’s private area in a very caring manner, after which the handkerchief or tissue paper used to clean the girl up serves as an object of contact for money rituals.

Although such a girl does not die instantly, she would start to act abnormally or falling in and out of sickness. If she’s fortunate and the cause of her abnormal behavior or strange sickness is detected in time, she could seek spiritual help and get better, but in most cases, she dies, long after the act.

Sometimes after the man must have bonked the girl, the number of other men she’s with would determine how rich the man (who has used the charm on her) would become, as all the good luck and fortune of these other men she’s with afterwards would spiritually come to the man. The men, in this category usually patronize prost_itutes as the first lady they bonk after they must have used the charm, this is because as much men as the prost_itute sleeps with per day will determine the level of the man’s riches.

2.Also, these money ritualists usually have calabash already laden with blood-sucking charms under their car seat on the passenger’s side and any lady they give a ride has automatically been used for the rituals, as the good luck and fortune of the lady, spiritually goes into the calabash, which the man subsequently takes for the ritual purposes. Women who are on their monthly men_strual circle are usually victims of this kind of ritual process. This is the commonly used ritual process among young guys especially university undergraduates.

3. Yet another method is the girl been dru_gged on a date and her private area hair completely shaved by the man, which he uses afterwards for money rituals. In this instance, the victim usually goes mad after a few days or after a period of time.

4. Another method commonly used these days is the one that involves a guy and a lady who have been dating for a period of time, the man, would in a fetish way find out that the girl has a lot of good luck and fortunes and he would ask that the girl’s good luck be transferred to him, spiritually. In return, he would spoil the unsuspecting babe, who most times sees the man as her blesser. The girl on the other hand wouldn’t be able to do anything without the guy, she becomes solely dependent on him, if she is a student, she would stop doing well in school and nothing would ever work out well for her afterwards, no matter how hard she tries.

A good way of knowing any man (or men) involved in this kind of money ritual is when a guy changes girls at the snap of fingers. Such a man never sees anything good in any lady other than to complain and always find flaws in all she does or does not do.

5. There is also a common ritual type that involves the guy impregnating the girl on the ground that he would marry her and that she should keep the pregnancy. The unsuspecting babe would however after a certain period, miscarry; this would become a frequent occurrence, because each time she loses the pregnancy, the unborn foetus has been used for ritual purposes in the spirit realm, by the man.

6. Also, there is another one, where the man gives the lady an engagement ring claiming he wants to marry her, a marriage which would never materialize. As long as the lady keep wearing the ring (which would have been charm laced), she is being used as money making machine for the guy.

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