Former Generations actress Nambitha Mpumlwana’s “diva tendencies” is reportedly having a negative impact on her bank balance

According to sources close to the actress, she’s under financial strain as a result of not getting work.

“I’ve been acting as Nambitha’s everything. From being a pillar of strength, to helping to try to sort out her problems. But she never appreciates my efforts,” a friend spoke out.

One source claimed that producers were afraid to book her due to her alleged “diva tendencies on set”.

She claimed that the actress even relied on friends to transport her to interviews and auditions.

“She asks them to wait for her until she finishes, so they can drop her off at home,” the source added.

Nambitha has long since been dogged by claims of being a diva on set

Earlier this year it was reported that producers had begged her to reprise her role from Generations, after her on-set antics allegedly became too much to deal with, but hired her back after a public outcry.

During an interview with Move! magazine last year, Nambitha addressed the rumours, admitting that she is a perfectionist.

“I am one of only a handful of actors in this country who are not just talented, but have taken the trouble to learn the best ways of making any role they are cast in as real as it can be for the viewers.”

Nambitha has not yet responded to the latest wave of reports.

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