A 38 year old man from Benoni was arrested when police found his parents bodies inside of a freezer on their property.

Sobuza ,38, was charged with the murder of his parents aged 65 and 63. There was an argument between Sobuza and his father concerning financial issues. Sobuza who is also facing charges for substance abuse had a gambling problem and was constantly in out of jail. His parents had been paying all his bail money and the fines imposed. As the fight was steaming up, drunk Sobuza took out a butcher knife and stabbed both of his parents. Realizing he may be caught on the spot if his parents survived he bashed them both on the heads with a blunt object to silence them forever.

“I don’t know what came over me, it was like an evil spirit took over me and i killed my parents” Sobuza said in a police statement. The accused believes it is the work of evil spirits and a bad spirit used him to kills his parents. What surprised everyone present was the glaring fact that Sobuza didn’t seem shaken or sad about his parents deaths.

Asked why then didn’t he turn himself in after the incident Sobuza calmly told them that he was scared. It was only then when the bodies started to smell when he shoved them in the freezer.

“It’s clear we are dealing with a mentally insane person” Dr Sibongile Mahemane a criminologist said after evaluating the facts of the case.

“Such people are what we call sociopaths or the more popular term, psychopath. They are incapable of feeling remorse for their wrong doings or appreciating the wrongfulness”

Since psychopathy can not be used as grounds of mental insanity in South Africa,Sobuza is facing 20 years to life imprisonment.

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