The appointment of a former witch hunter as an ANC councilor at Morete Municipality has certainly let a bad taste in the mouth for both citizens and the appointed himself.

David Sono is a former convict who participated in the brutal killing of 75 year old woman after he and his group labelled her as a witch. David spent 14 of is 22 years in prison and now he is a council.

But he has had no rest since his appointment. A source who refused to be named divulged to us that David is now seeing the ghost of the old woman each time he steps into the office.
“Mr Sono can not be in his office for more than ten minutes before something that happens drives him out!”

There have been many incidences which show that a supernatural power is at work. At one point the door to David’s office wouldn’t unlock and they had to take down the whole time.

“The other time the ceiling collapsed while David was inside almost killing him and he had to be treated for several injuries

This mayhem has spread among the residents such that they are calling for his removal from office.

“We can not have a convict and a murderer as our councilor” one woman lamented.

“It’s clear that David should leave the office, his sins are coming back to haunt him”

A letter has been written to the ANC calling for the removal of David citing that he is not legible to even be in office with an upheld criminal record.

It seems the woman’s soul won’t rest until David has been banished .

Source:  Online


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