Queen B is back again and this times it’s beef with another social media queen Ntsiki Mazwai.

Ntsiki recently took to twitter to blast Bonang for her poor choice in men saying she’s always dating trashy guys. This was a pointer to her former relationship with the abusive Euphonik and now controversial AKA.

In a  reply, Bonang emailed Ntsiki privately with a blasting email and Ntsiki didn’t hold back in making a screen capture of the damning email here




Queen B denies sending the email just but there is evidence to prove that the server used in sending the email belongs to her.

Ntsiki didn’t hold back either as she sent a stream of angry tweets aimed at ‘exposing Bonag”

Did @bonang_m you have the guts to email me when i defended you beku biza Bonang Mafeba.and when yo lawyers called me to help with euphonik?
6:58 AM – 29 Sep 2016
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Daughter Of The Soil @ntsikimazwai

To tell me im a dog and that i should look pretty…irony is i don’t think she is pretty just wears lots of makeup? https://twitter.com/Naletsana_/status/781358290466926592 …
7:04 AM – 29 Sep 2016
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Daughter Of The Soil @ntsikimazwai

hes worried about my music…we worries about her education https://twitter.com/Chelsea_Dagama/status/781358853170552832 …
7:07 AM – 29 Sep 2016
10 10 Retweets 5 5 lik4h

Daughter Of The Soil @ntsikimazwai

@bonang_m dear younger sister. …dont do this. U will be exposed. Never try this on me ever again. Asizontanga pic.twitter.com/BXve0nz0VJ

Fans are having a hard time believing for she once denied being involved with AKA after Zinhle outed her and she even went on to suggest that the Dj apologise to her.

Bonang once got Pearl Thusi and Phat Joe suspended from their jobs after they blasted her so this is not new territory for her.

Bonang prides herself for the powerful connections she has made in the entertainment industry and she wouldn’t hesitate to use them should someone try to mess with her brand. Ntsiki is known for her headstrong personality and never the one to shy away from media battles.

It looks like we’re in for another burning twitter war.


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