Media Mogul, Bonang Matheba has submitted a formal request to the South African Revenue Authority seeking at least a 50 percent reduction on her taxes because she is beautiful and being beautiful costs her a tonne of money.

In the letter which was seen by iMzansi, the 29-year-old business woman, television & radio personality argued that pretty people are at a disadvantage because they have to pay lot of money to maintain their appearance and this should at least be factored in when calculating their tax returns.

Matheba, who is currently dating bad boy AKA, whom she grabbed from DJ Zinhle went on to add that it’s especially more taxing when you are both beautiful and famous, because celebrities have an obligation to appear attractive in public, and this cost a lot of money which currently was not tax-exempt.

She said: “For me and indeed for all of my South Africans countrymen there is an obligation to pay taxes, but I would argue that beautiful celebrities like me should have some exemptions.

“In the modern-day and age we have to pay more than ever to keep our appearances up, otherwise we would not have careers where we could earn money, and this should be something we could factor in as an occupational cost.”



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