“A jet ranges from 35 million dollars, I don’t think a church can raise that money for a jet, I have mines in South Africa seven of gold, coal, diamond and I have wells of oil.”

bush 1

“I am planning to have a University in South Africa but I have already one in Sudan, I am also planning to have a mobile phone operating company and an International bank,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri further said he is visiting Malawi to carry out charity works in support of flood victims.

The ECG leader disclosed that he will spend K35 million in supporting people in seven districts Malawi

Bushiri’s pompous remarks are coming at a time when Malawi24 investigations have revealed that he is an impostor who claims ownership of things he has only rented.

His claims that he purchased a jet were torn apart by this publication owing to a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions in the story his public relations team made up

Source : Malawi 24



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