A Fresh Start in Johannesburg: Penny Ntuli Joins Jozi FM

Penny Ntuli, the radio presenter who made headlines by exposing Gagasi FM for offering her a salary of R2,800, has found a new opportunity in Johannesburg. After her resignation from Gagasi FM, Ntuli has joined Jozi FM, a radio station based in Gauteng.

Ntuli took to social media on April 1st to announce her new venture. She expressed her gratitude for the job offer from the owner of the Johannesburg-based radio station and revealed that her new boss had already arranged a flight ticket for her.

Ntuli’s new colleague, Themba Tshabalala, confirmed the news on X, stating that her arrival at Jozi FM was a pleasant surprise for the audience.

To further confirm her move, a picture of Ntuli alongside Jozi FM CEO Mpho Mhlongo was shared by Disoufeng Pub and Restaurant. The image sparked excitement among Ntuli’s fans and followers, who were eager to see her back on the airwaves.

The Salary Dispute: Ntuli’s Dissatisfaction with Gagasi FM’s Offer

Ntuli’s decision to leave Gagasi FM had gained significant attention the previous week. In a lengthy post on Facebook and Instagram, the 26-year-old influencer expressed her dissatisfaction with the proposed salary at her former station. She shared her resignation letter, as well as the new contract offer from Gagasi FM, which revealed that she was being offered a graveyard show on Sundays for a meager amount of R711.98 per show. Ntuli, who has a substantial following on TikTok, expressed her disappointment at the low salary and emphasized that it was not commensurate with her experience and expertise.

Legal Action and Public Backlash: Gagasi FM’s Response to Ntuli’s Resignation

Following her public announcement, Gagasi FM’s head of development and spokesperson, Khulekani Shandu, stated that the station was consulting their lawyers regarding the matter. Shandu expressed disappointment at Ntuli’s decision to make the issue public, deeming it a breach of contract. While legal action was being considered, Shandu did not provide further details on the station’s plans.


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