A South African woman who was being used by South African bases Prophet of Malawian origin Shepherd Bushiri to dupe people has now started exposing the secrets and tricks of Bushiri in what he uses to call ‘miracle healing’.

The woman who has identified herself as Margareta Hlatshwayo told the South African paper , the Daily Sun of how they have been working with Bushiri to stage healing and different miracles during their church service .

She claimed that the self-anointed man of God pays an equivalent of about K30 thousand to a person per week to a team of actors to stage the fake healing.

“Bushiri is one funny trickster who knows how to play mind game .I was approached by one of his close confidants and told that there was a way to make easy money with him if I was interested. The guy briefed men that I had to find a team to work with which would be under his payroll weekly. All we had to be doing is identify people who must pretend to have been healed or transformed and later expected to testify to living a horrible life before meeting the Prophet who then turned my life around. I couldn’t resist his offer because I was desperate for money and so were my friends.” Said Hlatshwayo.

She explained that since she has decided to make peace with God, she does not want others to be misled with the prophet’s secrets in carrying out staged performances.

“I lied to people and deceived many by agreeing to everything the prophet asked me to do. I have mended my fences with God and I had to speak this truth so that all should be fine with God”.

When we contacted the office of Bushiri’s PRO to hear their side of the story, the response we got was that of same old stories from haters using a different trick.

Source : Malawi Independant



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