The EU has now implemented restrictions compelling travelors to obtain COVID-19 booster shots before entering the region. Image: Pexels

The EU has opted to implement new COVID-19 restrictions governing travel requirements to the region.Now, A COVID-19 booster vaccine will be a requirement for traveling in Europe in 2022.

All nations in the European Union ( including the Schengen area) have implemented the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.


The digital certificate tool has been in use since July 2021 and shows whether or not users have been vaccinated, have had COVID-19 or if they have recently tested negative.

Furthermore, many countries have been using these passes to allow for entry into restaurants, bars and cinemas. Vaccinations, much like in South Africa, have been encouraged in lieu of regular testing.

Tourists visiting Europe can convert health certificates proving vaccinations into these passes upon arrival.

Forbes reports that French pharmacies have applied for permission to assist visitors in this regard.

With European nations continuing to record increases in infection rates this is in line with what many countries have already done. However, the travel restrictions now implement legally mandated vaccinations on a much wider scale.


The New York Times reports that countless countries have already implemented their own regulations on vaccinations for travelling and entering public spaces.

Interestingly, Italy has implemented a deadline to receive boosters in order for passes to be considered active. Furthermore, France has already done the same with all adults required to receive the booster by January.

Additionally, Austria has already imposed regulations that see the pass viewed as inactive after 9 months from the last vaccination.

Didier Reynders, EU commissioner for justice commented that European nations must ensure booster distribution is widespread and accessable. In conclusion, tourists will need to ensure they are armed with their booster shots in order to travel freely in Europe in the new year.

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