Two Trucks Collided R34Deadly Explosion After Two Trucks Collided Along R34 In KZN Horror Crash [Image: @MDNNews/X]

There was a deadly explosion earlier this morning when two trucks collided along the R34 in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).


Two Trucks Collided Along R34 In KZN, Leading To A Deadly Explosion

The accident occurred along the R34 between Vryheid and Ulundi near Babanango Game Reserve. Authorities reported that one person died in the horror crash. The other driver got trapped in his heavy vehicle, and rescue operations were trying to save him from the wreckage.

In a CCTV video that has since gone viral on social media, the two trucks approached a bend along the R34 road. One of the haulage trucks was speeding despite compromised visibility as it encroached the bend.

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On reaching the curve, the driver of the truck in the CCTV’s view realised that the tanker in the opposite lane had encroached on his side of the road. Panicky, the truck driver tried to swerve his vehicle to avoid a crash. Unfortunately, it was too little too late, and he smashed into the fuel tanker.


Two Trucks Collided R34
Deadly Explosion After Two Trucks Collided Along R34 In KZN Horror Crash [Image: @TrafficSA/X]


The horror scene ensued just afterwards, and an explosion occurred just as the two heavy vehicles collided. The ball of fire from the blast was enormously terrifying, blocking the roads. The road has since been closed following the horror accident.

Watch the moment the truck and the tanker collide below.


Heartbreak And Shock

Social media users expressed pain over the horror crash where two trucks collided in KwaZulu-Natal this morning.


“That speed for such a heavy vehicle in such a sharp corner 😭 May God have mercy.”


“It is the President’s fault for collapsing the railway!”


“That truck heading into the curve is a bad driver.”


“If it is not your day, it’s is not your day. How can you survive this kind of accident? Jah neh 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️.”


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