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In the tumultuous events of 2021, prominent businessman and motivational speaker Vusi Thembekwayo faced a legal ordeal following his arrest on charges of domestic abuse at the Douglasdale police station. Thembekwayo, known for his book “Vusi: Business & Life Lessons from a Black Dragon,” was granted bail after his wife, Palesa Thembekwayo, accused him of multiple instances of physical violence, including slapping and dragging her down the stairs by her feet.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Randburg Magistrate Court delivered a verdict of not guilty on Friday, citing inconsistencies and changes in Palesa’s statements as crucial factors. The magistrate presiding over the case emphasized the importance of a stable and reliable testimony. Thembekwayo, who has built his reputation as a motivational figure, was officially cleared of the assault charges.

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Vusi and Palesa Thembekwayo
Vusi Thembekwayo cleared of domestic abuse allegations by Palesa-Image Source@zimoja

A New Beginning

Despite the legal victory, Vusi Thembekwayo expressed the profound impact the case had on his personal and professional life. “I am not an abuser, and I needed the court to validate that fact. This has been one of the most challenging periods in my life, and I am relieved that it is finally over,” he stated in an interview with ZiMoja.

Thembekwayo acknowledged the detrimental effects the legal proceedings had on his work and family. “The damage cannot be undone, but I now walk freely, knowing I have been cleared. It has been over a year of constant disruptions, but the fight to prove my innocence was necessary for my children and for the preservation of the hard-earned image I have built.”

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However, Vusi declined to comment on the current state of his relationship with his wife, Palesa, who was unavailable for comment. The couple shares three children – two sons and a daughter. Both entrepreneurs co-founded My Growth Fund, an initiative focused on identifying, nurturing, and financing black entrepreneurs.

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