Nasty C Challenges EminemNasty C Boldly Challenges Hip-Hop Heavyweights Eminem, Drake, and Jay Z [Image: Instagram]

Prominent South African rapper, Nasty C, has made waves as he boldly challenges American hip-hop giants Eminem, Drake, J. Cole, Jay Z, and Kendrick Lamar.

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Nasty C Challenges Eminem, Drake And Other Heavyweights

In an exclusive interview with Dream Media SA, the acclaimed artist affirmed his ability to engage in a lyrical battle with rappers from all corners of the globe. Nasty C firmly believes that no one can withstand him in a rap battle in South Africa.

“I’m not saying I’m the best rapper in South Africa. But I don’t see anyone who can really defeat me in a rap battle. I can go toe to toe with any rapper in the world. I’m in competition with Eminem, Drake, J. Cole, Jay Z and Kendrick. I’m not saying I’m the best rapper in the world. But no rapper can outshine me.”


Nasty C Challenges Eminem
Nasty C Boldly Challenges Hip-Hop Heavyweights Eminem, Drake, and Jay Z [Image: Instagram]


Well, Mzansi Doesn’t Think So

This bold declaration by Nasty C has stirred up debates among rap enthusiasts. Some argue that his confidence is well-placed, considering his impressive track record and artistic abilities. Others believe that comparing oneself to such iconic figures is a lofty claim and warrants dismissal.

Check out some of the mixed sentiments online.


“He’s the best rapper in Africa, no doubt.”


“Nuh broo this is bs.”


“That’s always the talk in hip-hop or dancehall, bigging up yourself boosts your confidence it’s different from direct dissing someone coz that will have some serious consequences 😂.”


“He’s good, and I love his confidence, but in reality, he’s nowhere near Eminem’s level. That’s comparing a house cat and a Lion.”

Nasty C is currently riding on his fresh album, I Love It Here, which he dropped on 15 September 2023. It includes hits like Crazy Crazy and 50 Cent’s favourite, No More.

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