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Media personality Faith Nketsi offered viewers an intimate look into her transformative journey into motherhood on Have Faith Season 5. Focusing on her role as a mother to her daughter Sky and the challenges that follow her separation from her husband, this season’s theme, “Sky is the limit”, embodies a new era of growth and possibilities.

Faith Nketsi unveils the realities of motherhood

In a recent in-depth interview with Sunday World, Faith shared that this season promises a rollercoaster of emotions, with candid portrayals of the highs and lows in her life.

“It has been such an amazing experience that I don’t really feel the change. I think it is just the choices that I make now. Sky is such a lovely and easygoing little child.”

Reflecting on her newfound motherhood, Faith expressed that while her lifestyle hasn’t undergone a drastic shift, every decision she makes now carries greater weight. She spoke fondly of her daughter Sky, describing her as a delightful and easygoing child. Faith went on to share that before she would take on any work but now she has to be selective because she is a mother.

Faith Nketsi on motherhood
Faith Nketsi and Sky-Image Source@instagram

‘Staying in the marriage would have landed me in a mental institution’, Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi openly acknowledged the marital turbulence that emerged shortly after their traditional wedding, emphasizing that staying would have jeopardized her mental well-being, especially considering her responsibilities as a parent.

“Everything has been great and I am holding up great. My mental health is definitely stable and I think I am at a point where I am happy.”

Faith revealed that her journey to contentment was paved with tough decisions, leading her to a place of genuine happiness. Balancing work and family, she learned the importance of discernment in her pursuits, prioritizing meaningful endeavours over mere financial gain.

Addressing the authenticity of her show, Faith affirmed that ‘Have Faith’ is unscripted, providing viewers with genuine snapshots of her life’s chapters. She emphasized the profound impact of television as a platform, enabling her to forge connections with a diverse audience and share her authentic self.

“Having a big following on Instagram is great, but we can never shy away from the fact that television is a very big platform. So having a reality show is what really made me connect with so many different people and for them to know me.”

Faith Nketsi also shared that she is now immune to social media bullies after years in the industry.


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