TV personality and actress Denise Zimba has broken her silence on her sudden exit from Vuzu Amp after three years on the show.

On 18 March it was revealed through a press statement that Denise and Shelton Forbes would be leaving the popular V Entertainment music show. At the time very little detail was provided around Denise’s sudden departure.

In a revealing interview with Arye Kellman on‚ Denise opened up about what prompted the difficult decision to leave.

Denise explained that she could not be in the same place without any growth.

“I was bringing in ratings for that company. But when they oversee you‚ at some point you need to acknowledge your worth. Be honest with yourself and as disappointing as it is do what you need to.”

“If you are not going to utilize me or see my worth at some point I’m going to do what I need to do for myself. For me personally‚ I didn’t feel like they had my best interest at heart. For someone who was ranking in the ratings‚ no recognition. No nothing.”

The former TV star also set the record straight on leaving Generations: The Legacy one year after joining the soapie.

Denise added that even though she will always be grateful for the platform and the time she spent on the country’s number one watched soapie‚ she also felt like she was at a “dead end‚” and couldn’t continue following the same repetitive routine every day. Denise who has never been shy to voice her opinion on social media and tackle hate or issues head on‚ explained that she will never deny who she is. “I’ll be damned if I die living a lie.”

When asked how she feels about the entertainment industry that she grew up idolizing‚ Denise expressed great disappointment.

“I’m f***en disappointed in this industry and by the people who run it. There’s no credit where credit is due. Thankfully I’ve had specific people who have been in my journey and put me on platforms. No corporate or endorsement deal will ever come my way. I don’t know what it is‚ I don’t know if it’s something but I’m that girl.”

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