For the first time since her breakup with AKA, it looks as if DJ Zinhle is dating someone (and she wants us to know she’s off the market).

However, despite dropping hints, the celebrity mommy has not revealed the man’s identity.


Top Billing’s Chris Japhta , said to be Zinhle’s new man

No matter, Twitter detectives seems to have put two and two together and it looks as if Zinhle is dating Top Billing presenter, Chris Jaftha. Here was the first hint; remember when Zinhle posted this picture?


zinhle holding hands with her new man
zinhle holding hands with her new man


People soon connected the dots and realised that the watch and the hand belonged to Chris Jaftha, as can be seen in this picture:

If the first hint was a bit speculative, the second hint was as good as a dead giveaway. Somebody “took over” Chris Jaftha’s Snapchat. Care to guess who? It was DJ Zinhle!

Not exactly an admission, but far from a denial as well. Her fans are already celebrating her managing to “upgrade” on AKA:


move over AKA, Chris is here


Bonang is happy with AKA. Leave Zinhle to be happy with her man, and if it is Chris Jaftha, congratulations to the couple!

Source: All4Women


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