Generations : The Legacy producers don’t want the 16 fired actors who went on strike for bigger pay packets!
Showbiz sources claimed some of the “Generations 16” have been begging to get back in.

A technician claimed Nambitha Mpumlwana has been in touch with the producers. He claimed: “Many fired actors are secretly trying to get back in, but management doesn’t want them to.”

According to the mole, a staff member said: “It’s cold outside for the rebels, so they come back begging!”

Another source said: “Some actors have mended their relationship with the producers.

“Others are trying to get their jobs back.”

A third source said: “The industry is cruel. I hope they find something.”

Generations spokesperson, Gaaratwe Mokhethi, said: “Mfundi is focusing on his current actors. I can’t comment on the past.”

Nambitha refused to comment.

Source : DialySun


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