Hardly 48 hours after the DA posted a shocking victory in the Municipal elections by winning Tshwane, an e-toll gantry in the Gauteng province was stolen and the thieves left a note saying “we do not need it now, #ifDAWins”

Several motorist are heaving sighs of relief after the e-toll gantry between Johannesburg and Pretoria was stolen by unknown thieves.

The stolen etoll is located on the R21.

Several heads are rolling after it emerged that the etoll went missing during lunch time today. It is believed the thieves  used chains attached to makeshift tools dismantled the gantry into waiting trucks headed for the scrap yard.

“Our officers were taken completely by surprise,” said a SANRAL official who refused to be named, adding that by the time law enforcement officers saw the missing gantry,it was far too late to rescue the 6,000-kg gantry.

CCTV footage shows men in balaclavas performing the daring feet. A sanral official said , ‘We are working with the police. We have alerted all scrap yards in the area to be on the lookout. The whole operation took 20 minutes’

“One minute the gantry was performing well then all of a sudden we noticed that our system was not registering any cars passing by the gantry. At first we thought the system was down but we soon got in-daunted with calls from motorists telling us the gantry is missing.”

It is not known yet who the culprits are. Speculation is rife that the gang is probably some disgruntled government employees. Police have refused to comment pending investigations.

Motorists soon took to social media to express their delight over the stolen etoll with others saying ‘Today has been the best Monday of all time. #eTollMustFall.

We shall keep you updated on this satire piece.

Source : iMzansi Satire


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